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How to Become an Expert at Anything

How to Become an Expert at AnythingHow to Become an Expert at AnythingDo you feel like your career is stalling? Not sure how to take that next step to stand out as a pro? It might be time to start working your way toward becoming an expert at what you love.Okay, I know that sounds way easier said than done, but hear me out. With the right style of learning and a lot of practice, most of us have the ability to gain true expertise in a specific subject. And even just getting started on the path toward becoming an expert will give you ton of new information and experience- which will definitely help you stand out to employers and hiring managers.Want to get that step up in your career? Start today on the path to expert-status. Infographic courtesy of Zintro and NowSourcing. Photo of colored pencils courtesy of Shutterstock.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Why All Job Seekers Need to Be on Social Media

Why All Job Seekers Need to Be on Social MediaWhy All Job Seekers Need to Be on Social Media4Love it or hate it, social media is now integral to the fabric of professional life. Far from being a casual way to stay in touch with family and friends, social platforms are widely accepted tools in the business world- which is agreat reason why job seekers need to be on social media.No matter how much or how little you use social media, think of it as a way to access the conversation in the global marketplace- and as a job seeker, you definitely want your voice to be heard. Social media benefits job seekers who are looking to control their online image, and establish a professional presence on social spaces like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.Check out these reasons why job seekers need to be on social mediaIt provides a more in-depth look at you as a job candidate.Lets just say it no matter how creative you get with your resume, its a formatted way to present yourse lf and your skills to future employers. Although social media requires some adherence to formatting (keeping Tweets to 140 characters, for example), job candidates can take advantage of many- and frequent- possibilities for presenting a deeper side of the talent they have to offer.It gives you a broader platform to showcase your expertise.From blog deutsche bundesposts to Tweets, social media can provide an excellent avenueto show what you know. Visual artists can take full advantage of the fantastic potential of social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to offer examples of their best work. Got a unique or in-depth perspective on a hot topic in your career field? Tweet it, or post your unfettered opinion on Facebook- in the most professional way, of course.It broadcasts your talents to a potentially wider market.A job search is a two-way street. At the same time that youre looking for ways to get your credentials and resume to the marketplace, hiring managers are using social m edia in a pro-active way to find and screen the very best candidates for their job openings. Take note some 93 percent of recruiters screen job seekers on social mediaIt shows youre tech-savvy and professional.The last impression you want to give potential employers is that youre not up to date with technology. Maintaining a social media profile demonstrates tech-confidence and a healthy comfort level with ever-changing technology.Take things a step beyond simply having a social media presence work toward having an online presence thatsprofessional,savvy, smart, fun, and- most important- offers a real sense of what you have to offer.Employers use social media to search for the best candidates.Youre working hard to find a great job that fits your career goals. At the same time, hiring and recruiting managers are on the hunt foryou- potentially the very best candidate for the job. Not being on social media diminishes the chances that those employers will find you. When you have strate gies to use social media in your job search in a smart and professional way, youve increased the possibility that youll find just the right flexible position youre seeking.Readers, do you use social media in your job search? Tell us how its helped you, and why you think job seekers need to be on social media

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3D Printing Innovator Charles Hull to Deliver IMECE Opening Ke...

3D Printing Innovator Charles Hull to Deliver IMECE Opening Ke... 3D Printing Innovator Charles Hull to Deliver IMECE Opening Ke... 3D Printing Innovator Charles Hull to Deliver IMECE Opening KeynoteAug. 11, 2017 Additive manufacturing pioneer Charles W. Hull, co-founder and chief technology officer of 3D Systems, has been selected as the speaker for the Opening Keynote at the ASME 2017 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE). IMECE 2017, the worlds largest interdisciplinary mechanical engineering conference, will take place from Nov. 3 to 9 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Fla. The Opening Keynote, titled Then and Now What It Takes to Innovate, will offer attendees a historical overview of additive manufacturing as well as a look at trends that are shaping the future of the field, including the shift to make 3D production a reality, precision metals in industries such as aerospace and medical device manufacturing, and additive manufacturings pot ential impact on society through applications such as bio printing. The session will take place Monday, Nov. 6, from 800 a.m. to 945 a.m. Charles W. HullThe creator of sterolithography, the first commercial 3D printing technology, Hull originated the 3D printing industry when he founded 3D Systems in 1986, and remains a leader in the areas of precision healthcare and medical 3D printing, on-demand parts manufacturing and digital design tools. Introduced in 1987, 3D Systems SLA-1, the first commercial 3D printer, was designated as an ASME Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark in 2016. Before starting 3D Systems, Hull served as vice president of engineering at the systems manufacturing firm UVP Inc., engineering manager of the Photo Products teilen at DuPont, and senior engineer at Bell Howell. ASME Past President J. Robert Sims (left) presented the ASME landmark plaque to Charles Hull of 3D Systems during the ASME landmark designation ceremony for the SLA-1 3D Printer last ye ar in Rock Hill, S.C. (Photo courtesy of 3D Systems)The owner of 85 U.S. patents and numerous international patents in the fields of ion optics and 3D printing, Hull was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2014. He also received the Manufacturing Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award from Frost Sullivans Manufacturing Leadership Council in 2016, the European Patent Offices European Inventor Award in 2014, and The Economists neuschpfung Award in 2013.Hull, who earned a bachelors degree in engineering physics from the University of Colorado in 1961, received an honorary doctorate in engineering from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom in 2005 and an honorary doctorate in science from the University of Colorado in 2016.The Opening Keynote is just part of a IMECE 2017 program that includes more than 450 technical sessions and 200 social and networking activities. For more information on the ASME 2017 International Mecha nical Engineering Congress and Exposition, or to register, visit

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4 Tips to Combat Age Discrimination When Job Hunting

4 Tips to Combat Age Discrimination When Job Hunting 4 Tips to Combat Age Discrimination When Job Hunting 4 Resume Tips to Combat Age DiscriminationEven though age discrimination was officially banned with The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) employers can still trash resumes based on perceived age with impunity.Here are 3 resume tips to help baby boomers remain competitive in todays job market.1 Dont Include Your Graduation DateThe ProblemIf your graduation date was sometime during the Cold War, it will tip off the hiring manager to your age immediately.The FixThis fix is easy dont write in your graduation date.2 Sculpt Your Professional ExperienceThe ProblemYou have to write the dates of your work experience so you cant fudge it easily like in the first tip. Obviously, if your first work experience was in 1980, youre going to give yourself away again.So what can you do?The FixIf you have a lot of job experience, you actually have a lot of flexibility to make your resum e look young while still impressing the hiring manager.The key is to eliminate older work experience, and focus on the last 10-15 years even if your prior experience was impressive. The hiring manager will do mental math and assume that you possibly started working 10-15 years ago, and be more inclined to interview you.But what if your older job experience is both impressive and relevant to the job youre applying for?If you feel like it absolutely must be included on your resume, you can create a combination resume. Include highlights from your previous work experience in the Qualifications Summary part of your resume, and then only list your later work experience in reverse-chronological buchen under it.If youre looking for a new job but staying within the same industry, an experienced applicant doesnt necessarily have to include much older experiences, such as entry-level industry jobs they did after graduation. By only including the last 10 years or so of highly relevant experie nces, it is difficult to determine an age, but easy to recognize the applicants value.3 Look Youthful on Social MediaThe ProblemWelcome to the 21st century, where privacy is a joke and hiring managers are going to Google your name. How are you presenting yourself on social media.The FixIf you have one, put up a professional looking photograph of yourself at a younger age. Dont go too far out of bounds, but dont worry it is definitely acceptable to bend perceptions a little bit.Do this especially on Linkedin, where it will be very easy for hiring managers to match your face to your name, and your prior work experience. Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media networks are more flexible, because there is at least some plausible deniability.This logic extends to adding a photo to your resume as well. If you were thinking of including a resume picture, dont because itll be an immediate giveaway to your age.4 Keep Yourself Up To DateThe ProblemYou have licenses or certificates that you earned years ago and if you dont have computer skills to include in your resume, youll be dating yourself.The FixStay current and up-to-date on certifications. If you include a certification date from a long time ago it will be a dead giveaway as to your true age. Staying current means staying employable.Dont forget to include knowledge of current software and web applications. If you need to brush up on your skills, or just learn how to be handy with basic applications such as PowerPoint and Excel, consider enrolling in a nighttime class.Best of luck on getting the job, and staying forever young.

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Equestrian clothing brand Free x Rein may replace athleisure as work fashion

Equestrian clothing brand Free x Rein may replace athleisure as work fashionEquestrian clothing brand Free x Rein may replace athleisure as work fashionExcept for finance and law and a handful of other industries, overall professional attire has become quite casual in the last five years and heck, lets just say it, sloppy. Thanks to the invention of athleisure wearing clothing you would wear both during and after a yoga class has become the norm attire in many a startup. To be comfortable is a great thing and can help you be more productive, but there is something to be said for looking sharp even if it means your outfit is a bit less flowy. After allthe wrong clothing choicescan still negatively impact an employees career, according to a new OfficeTeam survey. Out of those surveyed, 86% of professionals and 80% of managers said clothing choices can keep people from advancing on the job.However, when it comes to dressing sporty, there is no other group of athletes that looks more sha rp and ready to focus than equestrians (well maybe fencers, but the face mask would be awkward in an geschftszimmer setting.) Those stirrup pants and blouses, the dapper jackets and, of course, the riding boots. Even though people hoist themselves upon large animals and run and jump around, they still look more dressed up than many of the people you probably saw going to work today.That is why the new brand Free x Rein may replace athleisure as your new office wardrobe go-to. Accomplished riders Andrea Hippeau Vogel and Dana Schwartz, who worked in film and venture capitalism, found themselves frustrated by having to change when they went straight from the office to the barn. They conceptualizedFreexReinto solve their own problem as well as the problem of so many other busy women who also ride. Combining the best in high-tech and sustainable fabrics with classic equestrian silhouettes and design, they sought to create a line of clothes that is as wearable as it is stylish for all as pects of the day.The line currently carries bodysuits and pants and will launch two new styles of bodysuits including a short sleeved one next month. They will also offer their first non-bodysuit vorkaufsrecht in June as well as their first leather accessory which is an equestrian inspired hip bag. These clothes are certainly a refreshing change to yet another pair of leggings and zip up hoodie. Kelsey Mulvey of NY Mags The Strategist wrote of the linesSignature Ponte Riding Pants, Over the last few months, theyve become my go-to pair for just about everything. The versatile silhouette looks great withblouses, sweaters, and dressier shirts, while the cropped ankle pairs well with heels, sandals, boots, andflats. They also happen to be incrediblyflattering. Whenever I pull these pants on, my legs magically look more sculpted. And the suede patches along the inner thighs and two exterior zippers offer a fashion-forward flair, making me feel like a slightly cooler, more 2018-era Tess M cGill.Plus people will automatically think you ride horses and be impressed. Ladders spoke with Vogel and Schwartz about why Free x Rein could end your office dressing dilemmas.On choosing to make equestrian-style clothingFree x Rein welches born out of years of frustrations with our equestrian clothing specifically that it was not transitional to the rest of our lives. We met riding and spent many hours commuting back and forth from the barn to the city for work and always felt like we had to change even though equestrian style is so iconic and has inspired so many fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and Hermes. Everyone loves the polished equestrian look but in reality, the clothes you actually wear to ride are made out of thin synthetic materials with unflattering silhouettes. We never thought we could actually do anything about it since neither of us have a fashion background (Dana was a film producer and Andrea worked in venture capital) but the final straw was when we heard a wom an say that she was wearing spanx under her riding pants because she was so embarrassed about how she looked. We knew we had to at least try to make a better optionOn why this is a step up from athleisureAthleisure has clearly become a staple of the casual office uniform but this is actually a dressier step up from essentially what you could wear to a yoga class.While yoga pants have become a staple for brunch, they are still not professional enough for most work environments. With our Signature Ponte pant, you get the same comfort and wearability as yoga pants with a much more polished look. They are perfect for any professional woman since you can dress them up and down really easily.On ausstaffierung the pieces for the officeFor a more professional look, you can pair The Signature Ponte pants with a blouse, blazer and heels. For the office, you can also pair The Elite Bodysuit, which is an elegant blouse that will never come untucked, with trousers or a skirt for an outfit that w ill stay polished all day. For a weekend outfit, The Moto Bodysuit pairs perfectly with high waisted jeans and your favorite flats.On working togetherWe have pretty opposite work styles that complement each other perfectly. Dana is very creative and Andrea is very organized. Where one of our skill sets drop off, the others picks up

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Finding Java Resume Online

Finding Java Resume Online Java Resume Now Get prepared to make the finest Java developer resume ever. Should you need some java developer resume examples youre on the appropriate website. Java doesnt have a goto statement, as it contributes to unstructured programming that is less readable. It is one of the most popular programming languages used for the development of websites and other applications. Heres What I Know About Java Resume Its especially beneficial for your instructor to understand what search terms you did use if you werent able to discover the key sources so they can supply you with the feedback you will need to come up with effective search conditions. The very first and frequently the most convincing resume chapter is summary. The most suitable student resume excellent examples wont only offer you an overview of a candidates qualifications, but might also recognize the things they have performed. In case you will need some suggestions on how best to cra ft the perfect healthcare curriculum vitae for your distinctive field, have a peek at our selections and the enclosed writing tutorials. While you might have held part-time jobs during university, they might not be directly linked to your degree that is why writing them in your resume will be unfeasible as it is going to be considered a space utilizing technique. Based on good example of skills for resume, you ought to be certain the skills you listed are connected with the application. Dont just say youve worked on it and youve got experience. brde but not least only business experience is vital. Enterprise System is composed of the particular functionalities of 1. Web developers also need to be consistently learning new tools in order to keep on track with the ever-changing technologies. Many developers will tell you Java is among the most troublesome languages to learn, making a strong work ethic and terrific research skills necessary to success. The Debate Over Java Resume A short resume goes a very long way. Now youve got a concept of what is involved with developing applications that could connect to and interact with the MQ server and its objects, time to receive your hands dirty. If youve worked on a project for quite a while then definitely you need to have achieved few things by doing your responsibilities. At the exact same time, you ought to be honest also. To view the whole sample library, visit the Azure Code Samples library, including samples for Azure Storage you may download and run locally. Fields Remember our definition of an Object is it has both data and behavior. All such databases act as back-end databases and thus the expression is redundant. Chronological Resumes is among the popular varieties of format. Thirdly you must have the comprehension of the cv format. Knowing the XPath language is the sole prerequisite, and there are lots of tutorials on XPath online. With client code, the principal way is executed. With cl ient code, it is run. What You Must Know About Java Resume Specifically, job application writing is one of the most searched subject areas online. To begin as well as for you to be able to produce your resumes stand out, here are a few useful hints, insights, and a few guidelines for you to use and broaden your perspective so that it is possible to get the optimum results on pursuing the work sttte which you want. When youre searching for job, you understand you have to prepare a curriculum vitae which is what youd pass on to prospective employers that you want to work for. When you prefer to land that preferred job then you need to have a stellar application. The career goal statement has to be written particularly for the position which youre applying to. Ensure you include all suitable information that can be pertinent towards the work publishing. Essentially, youve nailed work at a unicorn business. It is imperative to understand the resume example is in reality a guide and that you must edit the example statements so they match the job demands with the job which you are trying to find. So How About Java Resume? Theres always a wish to earn a developer resume outstanding. Junior program developer cv posted in developer resume examples in building a junior program developer cv its iverstndigung im strafverfahren to present first the skills particular to the job to convince the prospective employer to hire you. Technological cultivated developer Having a wide understanding of the field creates a difference because a technological cultivated engineer can tackle any difficulty in any undertaking and chooses the very best solution possible. Although a great deal of skills could possibly be required for being a java developer, in contrast to being a front-end developer, you will come to discover that it is well worth pursuing for. The Secret to Java Resume Since all locations will probably be on the exact same line, additional messages would only confuse the problem. Obviously, there are a couple certain methods you will be in a position to boost your cv and bring it one stage further. Before you take advantage of a labeled break statement, an individual should label the statement block or loop you need to exit from. Lets look at a rather common example.

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RapidSOS Employee Spotlight Lauren Javaly

RapidSOS Employee Spotlight Lauren Javaly Below is an article originally written by Ramon Alvarez at PowerToFly Partner RapidSOS, and published on October 18, 2018. Go to RapidSOS page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.Wondering what its like to be on the Engineering gruppe of a rapidly growing start-up? Lauren Javaly shares why she wanted to work at RapidSOS, her passion for her job, and what it is like to be a woman in tech.Q Why did you want to work at RapidSOS?A I was really attracted to RapidSOS mission and everything were doing and can continue to do to help save lives. So much of what tech is used for right now doesnt contribute to any serious change and I liked the idea of working on a practical solution to a real problem.Q What motivates you?A The team. The engineering team as a whole is made up of really smart and hard-working people. There is a shared focus within ur group of collaborating and growing as a team and a company. Learning is my passion a nd Ive learned a huge amount since joining.Q How did you find yurself on the engineering team?A So I didnt study computer science in schooldouble majored in philosophy and biology, actuallybut I happened to take a programming class as an elective and immediately realized that it was what I wanted to do. From there I got a job at a small tech startup and eventually transitioned into engineering. Fortunately, this is an industry where people respect being self-taught and joining RapidSOS gave me the opportunity to really dive in.Q What is the best part of your job? A Getting the opportunity to work on interesting and innovative products and tools. As engineers, we have a lot of freedom to choose how we approach various projects to reach company goals. It has been refreshing to have the ability to make decisions.Q What has been the fruchtwein exciting project you have worked on? A Our internal API and dashboard for the public safety team to use out in the field. It started as part of l arger structural changes we were making at the time, and we had to enable members of the public safety team to interact with certain parts of our backend. The dashboard is a collaborative bridge between the public safety team and the engineers, so that was an interesting challenge.Q Can you describe what it is like working on the engineering team?A The team leaders like to tout the fact that we are all self-managed. Youre given a lot of freedom to decide what should be improved and how to solve any issues that come up. On the other hand, we are also a very collaborative group and as a team we all work together as equals so individual input is taken seriously.Q As a woman in tech, how has RapidSOS helped you reach your goals?A I would say there is a challenge recruiting other women in tech, but RapidSOS has a clear focus on doing so. For example, a couple of us recently attended the annual Grace Hopper conference where about 25,000 women attended. Lots of people at the company have c ome up to me to ask me how they can do more to recruit other female engineers. I definitely feel like its not just my own prerogative but the whole teams.Q What are you most looking forward to in the coming months at RapidSOS?A Im looking forward to watching how we grow as an organization. Its amazing to be at this inflection point where we are partnering with some of the largest tech companies around and handling way more traffic than before. Its been a great learning experience to see how, from a technical perspective, weve had to really grow up to support that.Q What do you like to do in your free time?A I read a lot, right now Im in the middle of Swing Time by Zadie Smith which Im really enjoying. I also go to a lot of concertsI live in Brooklyn so there are always cool shows going onInterested in joining our growing team?Check out our job postings One of the biggest challenges in almost all industries today is achieving gender pa rity. Gender diversity provides huge benefits in the workplace. pWhile some industries have made significant advancements in gender diversity, some industries lag further behind... and the construction industry is well-known for being in the latter category. If someone says, construction workers, youll likely picture a group of men in yellow hard hats analyzing an architects plans or laying bricks on top of a scaffold. And men at work signs only help to reinforce this image.pThis stereotype is rooted in reality. When was the last time you actually spotted a woman on a construction site? Or hired a female plumber or carpenter? Your answer is most likely never. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statisticsreports that only 3.4% of the total of 8.3 million construction employees are women.pBut the construction industry has a lot more to offer than steel-toed boots and hard hats, and it needs women to help advance the industry in this era of rapid change. Here are 5 reasons why women joining the workforce or looking to make a pivot should consider a career in construction.h21. Fuel Innovation/h2pNot only is diversity the socially and morally right thing to do, but it is also actually an excellent business strategy. pResearch presented in the Harvard Business Reviewshows that diverse teams develop more innovative ideas. This is further supported by a study conducted by Gallupon the performance of gender-diverse teams versus single-gender teams, which found that the difference in backgrounds and perspectives led to better business performance and problem-solving. h22. Capitalize on Demand/h2pThe construction industry is currently experiencing a labor shortage. The industry itself is booming and projected to be one of the fastest-growing industries, with total spending projected to exceed $1.45 trillion in 2023/a. However, most construction companies are unable to meet the rising demand. pAccording to the Associated General Contractors of Americ a/a, more than 80% of contractors are experiencing difficulties filling hourly craft positions that represent the bulk of the construction workforce.pAnd demand isnt limited to individual contributor roles. Given the industry boom, there are a number of open stable and high-paying roles (any project managers out there?) waiting for the right candidateh23. Leadership Opportunities/h2pAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics/a, women compose only 7.7% of the total 1 million managerial positions in given the highly collaborative nature of construction work, more women in leadership roles would help drive innovation and enhance productivity.Furthermore, as a woman in construction in a leadership position, youd have the unique opportunity to drive change for the industry and make it a more attractive option for other women.h24. High-Income Potential/h2pSalaries for many skilled positions in construction are on the rise, making a construction career a prime choice for women looking for a high-paying job,pThe 2018 Construction Craft Salary Surveyconducted by the National Center for Construction Education and Research revealed that salaries for many skilled craft areas are increasing. Project managers and project supervisors topped the list at $92,523 and $88,355, respectively. The next set of highest-paying jobs include those of combo welders ($71,067), instrumentation technicians ($70,080), pipe welders ($69,222), power line workers ($68,262) and industrial electricians ($67,269). Of the 32 categories of workers in the survey, 19 positions earned an average salary of $60,000 or higher.h25. Sense of accomplishment/h2p The construction industry can give employees a unique sense of achievement. Yes, the job is stressful and the work can be demanding, but nothing beats the feeling of being able to build something from the ground up. pHow many professionals in other industries can point at a school, a hospital, or a skyscraper and say I helped bui ld that?pThe construction industry has a long way to go in combating gender bias and supporting women in the workforce, but given the current demand for workers, theres no better time to pick up a sledgehammer (figurative or literal) and smash the gender stereotypes plaguing the construction industry.